Serenity Beach Kottakuppam opening and closing time

Opening Time: , Closing Time: 18:30
Location: Near Muthialpet, Puducherry
Approximate visiting time: 20 min plus traveling time

Serenity Beach Kottakuppam this beach is a twenty minutes drive to the north of the town. Fishing boats are parked on the shore and one can see kids do summersaults off the deck. A lot of the beach is covered with creepers and the green helps cool the place.Surfing is very popular here as the waves are bigger than the adjoining Auro Beach. For the very same reason, it is best to stick to the shore line when swimming on this stretch of sand. A surf school and cafe and even a weekend flea bazaar will entertain you when visiting.Carry towels, change of clothes, some water and snacks if you want to stay a while. The beach gets pretty crowded so do keep an eye out for your belongings. Location Kottakuppam, Off ECR, Tamil Nadu.